Sonic Arts Journal (2015 - 2017)


Writing Around Sound was a New Zealand based Sonic Arts journal, which ran for three editions. Writing Around Sound engaged with audio culture and sonic art in New Zealand. Audio culture, sound art and their concerns and contexts were employed as both a focus and a point of departure of the journal’s content. The Writing Around Sound initiative grew out of an ongoing attempt (spearheaded by the Auricle) to facilitate greater discursive engagement within the context of contemporary sound practice in New Zealand. It featured essays, reflections on practice, poetry, visual art work, and reviews from a diverse range of artists, writers, and theorists from New Zealand and abroad, including: Bruce Russell, Jo Burzynska, Rob Thorne, Julia Drouhin and Pip Stafford, Callum Blackmore, Jeremy Cuborough, Awe IX of Quantum Natives, and Kynan Tan.